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  • 3 Benefits of easter

    So what if Jesus rose from the dead. What does it matter to my life anyway? Good question. Join us as we consider 4 evidences for Jesus' resurrection as well as 3 benefits we gain from it!

  • Give us this day our daily bread

    Anybody surprised it takes to the third line of the Lord's Prayer for Jesus to prompt you to ask for anything from him? If you're like me you grew up believing the whole point of prayer was asking for stuff. Evidently not. Join us as we consider 7 truths that frame Jesus' invitation to make requests.

  • Thy kingdom come, thy will be done

    After Jesus reminds us of who God is He calls us to fully surrender to his Lordship. Join us as we discover what that looks like through the witness of John the Baptist.

  • Our father who art in heaven

    Due to the Coronavirus all Hope Creek worship services are online. Join us as we sing, praise and begin a new series on the Lord's Prayer. As we study the first line we learn God is good and fully in control. This is good news given the chaos and uncertainty of the Coronavirus.

  • Relationship reset q and A

    Join Pastor Brett and Meg Lybrand as they respond to live questions about marriage, parenting, money, the Bible, faith and doubt, and much more...

    This video was recorded via Facebook Live due to the spread of Covid-19. 

  • 6 marriage killers

    Everybody has them, nobody likes them, and we all wish we had seem them earlier: 6 marriage killers. 6 myths and miscalculations about marriage that kill the emotional and physical intimacy of a couple. Join us as we consider how to kill them before they kill you!

  • the number two leading cause of divorce

    In this message we unpack the second leading cause of divorce, children. It's not making them that's the problem (that's the third leading cause of divorce...seriously), or having them, but raising them. Join us as learn God plan for raising children from 2 Timothy 3:10-17

  • the number one cause of divorce

    In this message we unpack the number 1 cause of divorce in our country, money, and how God calls us to manage it. If you can wrangle this area of marriage you'll have a head start to cultivating a marriage that honors God and builds His kingdom!

  • fighting Jesus style

    One of the hardest facets of marriage is conflict and communication. Join us as learn practical tips for fighting Jesus style from Ephesians 4:25-32. This message will teach you how to honor God, your spouse, and yourself in conflict!

  • the idolization of marriage

    Join us as we consider our culture, and our own heart's, tendency to idolize marriage. We'll discover how this creates unrealistic expectations for marriage and what to do about it. 

  • acts 24-28

    As Paul journey's to Rome his itinerary makes more twists and turns than a mystery novel. It's a great reminder of the unpredictability of the Christian life. Join us as we learn 4 truths that help Paul maintain a faithful witness for Jesus on this unexpected journey that will help us do the same!

  • acts 23

    Paul again, in chapter 23, finds himself before a hostile and pressuring crowd. In the fact of this pressure 4 more values of Paul's rise to the surface that help him maintain a faithful witness for Jesus. Join us as we learn how these values can do the same for us!

  • Acts 22

    In Acts 22 Paul finds himself before a hostile and pressuring crowd. In the face of this 3 values help Paul remain a faithful witness for Jesus in this context. These 3 values will help us do the same thing as well!

  • Acts 21

    The New Testament is rich with illusions to the church as God's family. We're adopted into it. It's called household of God. Jesus' relationship with His church is compared to a marriage relationship. Join us as we study 3 facets of being a part of God's family, the church!

  • new year's resolutions

    What if made 2020 all about knowing Christ more? Paul's greatest treasure and number one goal according to Philippians 3 is to know Christ more. What if we made that our number one goal? Join us as we kick off 2020 asking 'what if'?

  • christmas eve

    Have you ever wondered why God became a man? Seems like an odd thing to do. Unless, of course, it was necessary to save us from our sin. Join us as we answer the question, why did God become a man?

  • merry tifton

    If you're like us the real 'reason for the season' can be drowned out by all kinds of other things: family, shopping, parties, presents. But fundamentally Christmas is about Jesus. Join us as we hear a modern day parable that focuses our attention on the true gift of Christmas, Jesus.

  • Genealogy.jesus

    Ever wondered why God included genealogies in the Bible? They're not just boring to read but even confusing at times. No matter how obtuse, God's word is alive and active. Join us as we kick off our Advent series by learning 4 truths about Jesus and Christmas from Matthew 1:1-17

  • acts 20

    It has been said someone's last words best reflect their values. In Acts 20 Paul shares some last words with the Ephesian church leaders. He's confident he'll never see them again this side of heaven and will likely soon die for his faith. As he shares with them his last words we see 6 values of the Christian life.

  • Acts 19

    As Paul arrives in the ancient city of Ephesus he confronts the idolatry enslaving its city. God moves powerfully and miraculously as a result. As we study the idolatry of the city of Athens we also get an up close look at the ravages of idolatry in our own lives.

  • Acts 18

    What do you tend to do when you're discouraged? Dig in? Run away? Mope? Join us as we study Acts 18 where Paul appears to be discouraged on his arrival at the ancient city of Corinth. God uses several means to renew and refresh the apostle Paul

  • acts 17

    Ever had to consider your audience? The way you communicate with a class of preschoolers is different than how you communicate with a class of Phd students. In Acts 17 Paul finds himself before a uniquely Gentile audience. As a result he adjusts his gospel presentation accordingly.

  • acts 16

    How does God convert a heart? In Acts 16 God reaches three people in three different ways. Which one are you? 

  • Acts 15

    What are the warning signs a church has lost its mission? In Acts 15 the early church gets dangerously close to doing just that. To show you 3 warning signs of a church drifting from its mission, join us!

  • acts 13-14

    Ever wondered how to discern God's will? What job does He want you to choose? Who does he want you to marry? Where does he want you to live? Sometimes God gives us this guidance. Other times He doesn't. To make sure we hear when he does direct we learn 6 truths to hear God's voice from Acts 13-14.

  • acts 12

    Have you ever underestimated the power of something before? In Acts 12 we see, up close and personal, the power of prayer. It unlocks the power of God!

  • Acts 10

    All throughout Acts the gospel breaks through barriers. It breaks through persecution, division, and false belief. In Acts 10 it breaks through the barrier of racism. Join us as we learn how the gospel uniquely breaks down that same barrier today.

  • Acts 9:19-31

    What does it look like to finish strong as a follower of Jesus? Join us as we learn 4 truths from the early years of Paul's walk with Christ that teach how to have lasting faith

  • Acts 9:1-19

    Join as we study 3 signs of conversion from the life of one of the most notorious, controversial, and radical converts to Christianity in the history of our faith.

  • acts 8:25-40

    What word strikes fear in the heart of Christians and makes them scatter like butchers at a vegan festival? Evangelism. Join us as we see one of two examples of personal evangelism in the Bible and walk away with 7 truths about evangelism

  • acts 8:1-24

    What do sorcery, the Holy Spirit, and Samaria have in common? Acts chapter 8 :). As the gospel spreads to a new region false faith begins to rear its head. Join us as we consider two warnings for our own faith.

  • acts 6-7

    Ever feel like you've never done anything significant for God because you've never performed a miracles, or lead thousands to Christ? Join us as we see the power of the ordinary, mundane Christian life through the eyes of a man named Stephen!

  • acts 5:1-11

    What do a Trojan Horse, high cholesterol, and Benedict Arnold have in common? They're an enemy on the inside. After attacks from the outside haven't stopped the gospel's spread the enemy attacks the church from the inside.

  • Acts 4

    We learned what the message God has given his people is in Acts 2:14-41. In Acts 4 we learn the power, consequences, fuel and implications of that message.

  • acts 3

    Why does God perform miracles? Join us as we learn the four directions biblical miracles point us: upward, forward, inward and downward!

  • Acts 2:14-41

    Join us as we encounter Peter preach the first Christian sermon. In this sermon we learn who the gospel message is for, the essence of that message, proof of it, and the only reasonable response to it.

  • Acts 2:1-13, 42-47

    Unfortunately due to user error the message from this Sunday was not recorded. However, have no fear, by clicking the graphic to your left you can access the transcript! Read along with us.

  • Acts 1:12-26

    When is the last time you waited on something? For you coffee this morning? At a stoplight? At the doctor's office? In Acts 1:12-26 as the disciples wait on the Holy Spirit we learn three resources we have as followers of Jesus to wait well. 

  • Acts 1:1-11

    Join us as we begin a new study in the Book of Act. The first passage reveals to us three themes that come up over and over again in Acts: Jesus' resurrection, Jesus' power and Jesus' mission!

  • jonah 4

    Following Jesus isn't just a one time event, it's a lifetime journey. As such it comes with many twists and turns. We see several of these twists in turns in Jonah 4 as Jonah continues to wrestle with his initial sin even after surrendering to God's goodness and grace. The same is true for us.

  • jonah 3

    After surrendering to God's pursuit, Jonah is sent on mission. This is the trajectory of every Christian. After realizing God's goodness in redeeming us in Jesus we can't help but turn around and serve him. Join us as we consider what that looks like in Jonah's life and our lives as well.

  • jonah 2

    The good news about God is He pursues. After Jonah runs from God in chapter 1 God goes after Jonah in chapter 2. Jonah experiences 3 things that cause him to cry out to God for help. These are three conditions that cause us to cry for God's help as well. Join us as we learn about what they are and why they're so important.

  • jonah 1

    Karate Kid, the 1984 US hockey team, Hosiers. We all love a good comeback story. Join us for week one of Jonah: The Comeback Prophet as Jonah sets the stage for a come back by regrettably running from God.

  • 3 reasons Easter is the greatest holiday in the history of the world!

    According to a recent Harris Poll Easter ranks 5th as Americans favorite holiday. It likewise comes in 5th in greeting card sales each year. I bet you're not tired of hearing Easter music at the mall every year? When it comes to holidays Easter ranks low on the list of importance for many. But it celebrate the most consequential, important, and life changing event in human history; the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Join us as we consider three reasons Easter is the greatest holiday in human history!

  • sex gone right

    Even though sex can lead to great heartache and destruction when practiced outside of the context for which God created it, marriage, when practiced as God intends, in a marriage between a man and a woman,  it's one of the greatest blessings of life. Join us as we study sex gone right from Song of Songs chapter 4!

  • sex gone wrong (same-sex sex)

    God has clear instructions in His word for the context of sex and form of that context. Join us as we consider what that context is and one particular way our current culture steps outside of that context in its use of sex.

  • biblical womanhood

    How has God uniquely crafted women to serve and bless Him? What non negotiable roles and marks define biblical womanhood? Join us as we answer these questions, plus more.

  • gender and biblical manhood

    We live in a time of deconstruction. Not just of truth, history and other important subjects but gender as well. How are we to think Christianly about our culture's attempts to separate biological sex from gender? Join us as we answer this question as well as look at 3 marks of biblical manhood

  • battle ready

    As Paul wraps up the book of Ephesians in 6:10-20 he reveals a reality to us that might surprise some. To learn what this reality is and 3 B's of navigating it with confidence and victory, join us!

  • work

    In Ephesians 6:5-9 Paul turns his attention to work. How does our unmerited relationship with Jesus change our interactions at work as boss and/or employee?

  • marriage

    Now that Paul has unpacked the benefits of the Gospel in chapters 1-3 he turns his attention to its application in various areas of life. In Ephesians 5:21-33 Paul shows us what a marriage shaped by the Gospel looks like.

  • walk

    "Walk this way". Name that tune. In Ephesians 5:1-20 Paul compares following Jesus to walking with him. In the process he shows us where the power comes from the walk with Jesus, 3 ways to walk with Jesus and 1 pothole to avoid as you do.

  • gospel change

    If there's anything we love but don't do well is change. Change for a Christian is distinctly different from any other kind of change. Join us as we consider how the gospel transforms us from the inside out.

  • Healthy church

    "You are what you eat". "What goes in comes out". In Ephesians 4:1-16 Paul compares the church to a body and in the process shows us three marks of a healthy church body.

  • prayer

    What are your prayers like? If you're like me you're tempted to only pray for your circumstances. God fix that, change this, make life easier. But in Ephesians 3:13-21 Paul prays for the inner being of the Ephesian Christians to be strengthened. How might your prayer life change if you prayed the same way?

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  • the church

    After Paul unpacks the personal benefits of the gospel he turns his attention to the corporate benefits of the gospel through the church. Join us as we learn what the church is, what the church will be marked by and what the church houses in Ephesians 2:15-3:10

  • saaav'duh

    If the word 'saved' conjures up images of preachers in suits that are too small for them, are out style, with eyes popping out of their heads and veins bulging while they yell the word saved like it has 4 syllables instead of 1, SAAAAV'DUH, you're not a lone. But after we study Ephesians 2:1-10 we discover there is no better word to describe what happens to those who believe in Jesus than that they're saved.

  • paul prays

    If you could pray for three spiritual truths for the people you love to most know, what would they be? Paul prays for the Ephesian Christians to know the hope they have in Jesus, his amazing love for them, and the incomparable power available to them.

  • know who you are

    In Ephesians 1:1-14 Paul reminds the Ephesian Christians who they are in Jesus. Not only has their sin been forgiven but they are also adopted into God's family, redeemed by his son and sealed with his Holy Spirit