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  • why?

    Have you ever asked God why? Why does he allow evil and suffering? Why doesn't he rescue the vulnerable and hurting. Join us as Jesus answers the question why does God allow evil and suffering

  • unpopular

    Many present Jesus as a peace keeping, non controversial, baby lamb holding, Mr. Rogersesq leader. But nothing could be further from the truth. Join us as we watch Jesus make a crowd of people so angry they try to stone him to death.

  • the best is yet to come

    If Jesus rose from the dead, that changes everything. Join us as we considered why Jesus' resurrection matters to your daily life.

  • truth and freedom

    Jesus says, 'The truth shall set you free.' What does that mean? Have you ever been bound, trapped by an unhealthy relationship, addiction, obsessive behavior, fear, anxiety? Join us as we learn about the freedom available to us in Jesus.

  • legalism vs. grace

    In John 8:1-11 Jesus addresses one of the biggest divides between his teachings and the religious establishment of His day, legalism vs. grace!

  • The sovereignty of god, the spirit of God, the courage of God

    As Jesus continues teaching at the festival of Tabernacles he addresses God's magnificent sovereignty, spirit and courage of God.

  • harmless jesus

    What's your image of Jesus? White robe, long flowing hair, holding a baby lamb? As we turn our attention to John 7, things between Jesus and his opponents go south. As a result his words and actions become more pointed and cutting. He may be the opposite of the Jesus you thought you knew.

  • say what?

    It's the word no one wants to say, and less people want to do. As we turn our attention to John 6 we talk about evangelism.

  • lord of the storm

    When it snows do you buy bread and milk? I bet if a hurricane was coming you would bring in the deck furniture. But what about the storms of life? When the doctor says 'you better have a seat,' your spouse decides they want to move on, or a close friend dies. In this message Jesus teaches us how to prepare for the storms of life.

  • three witnesses

    As Jesus makes his case for being the Son of God, he calls three witnesses to support his case. Join us as we listen in.

  • OoOHHHH Submission

    It's all about submission. If you follow Jesus you're submitted to him. If you don't, your'e not. No bones about it!

  • Boundaries

    Would you be surprised if I told you Jesus told people 'no'? Join us as we study Jesus healing the man at the pool of Bethesda where he chooses to heal only one man among many. This teaching has the potential to set you free from patterns of people pleasing and poor boundaries.

  • christmas eve

    Join us as we consider three life changing truths about the birth of Jesus!!!

  • Joseph

    It's easy to forget about Joseph in the Christmas Story. He only appears twice in the Bible and neither time says anything. But if we're willing to pay attention, Joseph can teach us a lot about obedience to God.

  • Mary's roadtrip

    For some, Christmas is about road trips. Going to see family and friends far away. For Mary, the first Christmas was about an internal road trip we've all been on before.

  • 5 Marks of faith

    The question isn't do you have faith or not but what kind of faith do you have? As we study the last story in John 4 we learn the kind of faith God honors, blesses, and calls us to have!

  • What's your story

    This morning we hit the pause button on John and take time to hear the stories of how God has moved in the lives of those at Hope Creek.

  • Marching orders

    Jesus has a mission. Are you living on it?

  • the story of your life

    What if I told you the story of your life? You'd probably think I was crazy. Did you know the Bible tells us the story of everyone's life? Four chapters that if you make it through, you'll spend eternity with Jesus.

  • Marriage Q&A

    How much sex should a married couple have? When should a couple go to counseling? What if i've been sexually abused? If you've ever asked these questions and more, join us as we discuss marriage unfiltered. Jayne Lessard, a marriage and family therapist, with 40 years of experience join Meg and Brett Lybrand to discuss marriage unfiltered.

  • Sex is

    If there's any topic off limits in many churches, it's sex. But not at Hope Creek. The reality is God created sex, loves it, and has a wonderful plan for it. Our world has twisted and perverted it. Join us as we recover the beauty of what God designed for sex!

  • Christianeeze

    'How's your heart'...'that was convicting'...'be blessed'. Ever heard Christians say these phrases and wonder what in the world they were talking about? Join us as we take on one of the most Christianeeze phrases ever, 'born again.' What does it mean to be 'born again' and why does it matter?

  • Jesus gets angry

    What makes you angry? What is it that you see in this world and think, that needs to change? In John 2:13-22 Jesus gets angry. And not just sort of angry, but really angry. Join us as we learn what makes Jesus so furious!

  • Deeper joy

    Do you like weddings? What about great free food and time to spend with family and friends? You can't more joyful than a wedding. As we see Jesus perform his first miracle at a wedding we learn 1 truth and 4 practices that lead to joy!

  • Discipling

    Have you ever heard anybody use the term 'disciple' outside of a church? Probably not. But that is what Jesus calls all us to be. As we look at John 1:35-51 we learn what being a disciple is all about

  • mistaken identity

    Have you ever thought someone was someone they were not? As we study John 1:19-34 we meet John the Baptist. And we very clearly see John the Baptist knows who he is not, who he is, and who Jesus is. These are the three questions that everyone needs to answer before they can know their true identity!

  • game changers

    Have you ever experienced a game changer? Someone or something that changed history and reality? As we study John 1:14-18 we learn Jesus is the greatest changer of all!

  • lighting matters

    In week two of our Come and See series we take a look at a common theme in the book of John. Join us as we study John 1:5-13

  • come and see

    Join us as we begin a new series in the Gospel of John. As we look at the first 5 verses we learn life changing truths about Jesus and who He calls us to be!

  • kenya mission team panel

    Join us as we hear from our Kenya Mission Team about their time in Africa! We also get to hear some exciting news about Hope Creek's continued involvement in Kenya!

  • the anatomy of a celebration

    God's people have won! They've been rescued by God through Queen Esther. Now it's time to celebrate. What if I told God not only invites us to celebrate in life but commands us to. It's at the heart of who He is!

  • The risk

    The turning point of the book of Esther comes as Esther realizes God has lavished His unmerited grace on her. He has given her a favored life by no works of her own. This realization leads to the turning point of the book of Esther which leads to the rescuing of God's people!

  • A Tale of two favors

    We have all been favored by God. The fact that you're alive, have food to eat, relationships to enjoy, and a life to live evidences that you've been favored by God. The question how are you going to steward that favor. Join us as we contrast the success of Esther with the destruction of Haman!

  • When God is Silent

    Have you ever felt like God wasn't listening? Like your prayers bounced off the ceiling? As we begin a new series in the book of Esther we learn that even though God is never mentioned in this book, He is very much at work behind the scenes.

  • Parenting

    One of the most perplexing and satisfying roles in life is that of a parent. How does God calls us to steward the most precious gift He has given us, our kids? Join us as we wrap up our Relationships: Great Gift, Terrible God series by talking about Parenting!

  • Friendship

    One of the greatest gifts in life are deep soul friendships. Join us as we talk about the kind of friendship God has created us for.

  • Kudzoo marriage

    We have this terrible habit in our culture of making relationships gods. And anytime we do that our relationships are riddled with dysfunction, pain, and disappointment. Join us for week one of Relationships: Great Gift, Terrible God as we talk about marriage.

  • isn't the bible a myth?

    February 22, 2015

    Can we really trust a document that was written 2000-4000 years ago? And what about all the contradictions in the Bible? Doesn't the Bible support slavery and polygamy?

    Join us for the final message of our 'I Doubt It' series as we take on these questions and more.

  • hasn't science disproved christianity?

    February 15, 2015

    Hasn't science proven that Christianity can't be true? Doesn't religion impede true knowledge? In week 5 of our 'I Doubt It' series we explore the claim, hasn't science disproved Christianity?' What we learn is that science requires just as much faith as Christianity or any other religion.

  • how could a loving god send people to hell?

    February 8, 2015

    How could a loving God torture people in hell for eternity? Of this teaching C.S. Lewis once said 'there is no other doctrine which I would more willingly remove from Christianity than this if it lay in my power." But what if God doesn't send people to hell? What if everytime we choose our sin over God's authority we willingly take one step closer to hell?

  • how could a good god allow evil and suffering?

    February 1, 2015

    If God is good then he can't be all powerful. If God is all powerful then he can't be all good. The objection to a good, powerful God because of the existence of evil and suffering is as old as belief in God.

    As followers of Jesus, how do we respond to this objection? To find out, join us for message two in our "I Doubt It' series.

  • how could jesus be the only way to god

    January 25, 2015

    How could Jesus be the only way to God? That's a question people have wrestled with since Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me" in John 14:6. In today's culture many argue that believing anything like this inevitably leads to arrogance, superiority and division. But is that true? Join us as we kick off our 'I Doubt It Series" by confronting this objection to Christianity head on.