life groups

We've all been created in the image of a God that is a community. The Christian doctrine of the Trinity teaches that God is community in and of Himself: three persons of one substance. As a result we not only long for, but have been created for community.

The Bible describes the church as a body. This highlights the fact that we are all interconnected and rely on one another in life -- like a body relies on all it's parts to function well. That means church is NOT about a once a week Sunday worship event but a living, breathing community of people who gather to worship and serve Jesus at home, work and in society. At Hope Creek Church this kind of community happens in Life Groups. Life Groups are 5-7 couples or 10-12 individuals who meet regularly for the purpose of community, study and support.

We currently have Life Groups that meet on Tuesday 7-8, Wednesday 6-7, and Wednesday 7-8.

How do you get into a Life Group? You can sign up on your communication card on a Sunday morning or email us at Either way we will get you plugged  in.